Who's behind this?

Currently just that Bruno guy.

Why not JS / Web?

I don't like JavaScript or any of its unholy offspring, and I wanted to play with Nim and Nimbus. That said, this whole thing is very open and I welcome efforts to build JS clients. That'd be great, actually, because then the game would work inside things like Status, too.

What is the advantage over a traditional MUD?

Decentralization. You can keep playing this even if the people who built it all die. That may or may not be a goal of MUD gamers around, but it's an option. And I think it's pretty neat to be able to export an epic character out of Asgard and onto the main Ethereum blockchain and display it for all to see, or even trade it on an open marketplace.

This sounds cool, how do we help you keep developing it and how do we fund you to build this into a reusable framework for other people to launch games on?

Glad you asked, deus ex machina reader! You can send Eth to bitfalls.eth and ping me with the transaction if you'd like a mention on the game's splash screen and a shoutout on the framework's homepage. If you'd like to join the effort and help out with developing PoCs, get in touch.

Bruno Škvorc

Bruno Škvorc

Bruno works as a technical writer and blockchain dev on the Nimbus team at Status.im. Find out more at https://bruno.id

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